Intro to the Global Goals for  Teachers!

Join in for a valuable on-demand webinar to learn how to start your school year off with the inspiring theme of the UN Global Goals.

No prior knowledge needed!


The webinar will include...

  • an introduction to the UN Global Goals

  • coaching on how to find your connection with the goals no matter what age or subject you teach

  • an activity sheet for educators to engage and follow along and gain focus on how this connects to you as an educator

  • Bonus lesson plan and tips to introduce the Global Goals into your learning environment

Webinar Host: Amanda Kramer

Teacher and Founder of Virescent Inspiration 

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FAQ: Have some questions? See if they are answered below! If not, email


Is this webinar for primary or secondary educators?

I tried to keep this as an introductory webinar to help inspire some ideas for educators no matter what age you teach. In the near future. This webinar is also great for parents looking for meaningful activities to do with their kids!

What does an on-demand webinar mean?

"On-demand" webinar, meaning anyone who registers will get the recorded webinar instantly in their inbox.

Will there be digital resources provided?

Yes, you will have an activity sheet to follow along with the webinar. Also, you will learn about digital resources to help you and also be notified of where to locate the resources for your own use.

I'm teaching online next year, will this webinar still help me?

Absolutely, the information and tools shared can work for virtual or in-person learning environments.


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What age group do you teach?

"For a dream to inspire as many future citizens as possible and empower them to be problem-solvers for a better, more sustainable future...their future." 


-Amanda Kramer, Founder of Virescent Inspiration

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