We guide and coach educators to explore the world of sustainability and provide the tools they need to confidently create an environment in their classes that fosters creativity and problem solving towards a more sustainable world!

Who We Are

We are Virescent Inspiration


A social impact startup that trains and empowers educators to confidently take a holistic approach to sustainability in their learning environments.


What We Do

We bridge the gap between the UN Global Goals and the classroom by encouraging educators to explore sustainability and fuel their adventures with innovative resources to thrive.



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Founder of Virescent Inspiration


Hello! I'm an energetic certified teacher from the USA with 10 years of experience and a master's degree in instructional design and technology. 


It is my mission to empower as many individuals as possible with the knowledge and resources to help everyone see the world through the lens of sustainability.


I specialize in making engaging lessons that push higher levels of thinking and opens the mind up for real-world problem-solving. 

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"For a dream to inspire as many future citizens as possible and empower them to be problem-solvers for a better, more sustainable future...their future." 


-Amanda Kramer, Founder of Virescent Inspiration

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