Check out the award-winning game...

Save Terra!

A gamified approach to understanding sustainability through the lens of the

UN Global Goals!

3-6 Players and great for ages 10+

There are multiple approaches to the 2030 Agenda, but the one we would like to highlight is a one-of-a-kind board game named Save Terra.  Save Terra is a gamified approach to learning about sustainability and the 17 UN Global Goals. It creates an exciting environment of competition and collaboration while simultaneously immersing the players into a world where sustainability is at the core.


The purpose of the game is to achieve all 17 Global Goals before time runs out or a worldwide crisis happens. To achieve the goals, players need to make the right lifestyle decisions and gain enough knowledge about the world around them. In the meantime, random and uncontrollable events will happen which may take them closer or further away from achieving the goals in time.


By playing the game, players will be exposed to noble sustainable lifestyle choices and information from about the current state of the world in the form of trivia questions. Players that make the right choices and guess the trivia questions correctly come closer to achieving the goals in time. All of these actions increase awareness about the SDGs and develops the player’s empathy, understanding, and resourcefulness in the world around them.


Our board game won first place in the open innovation call for educational resources with the SDGs and it is truly the first of its kind! It stands out from the traditional board games by its ability to create an environment that fosters the development of social interaction, critical thinking, and effective decision making, learning new things is simply a bonus! 


"For a dream to inspire as many future citizens as possible and empower them to be problem-solvers for a better, more sustainable future...their future." 


-Amanda Kramer, Founder of Virescent Inspiration

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