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Have you explored FreeRice.com yet?

FreeRice has been around for a long time, and it just keeps getting better! In this time of distant learning and spending MUCH time indoors on the computer, this is a must-know website that entertains those of all ages, and even better, helps achieve Global Goal #2: Zero


What is freerice.com and how does it work?

FreeRice is a website that helps fund the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) through gamification. They are very transparent in their "about" section about how the funding works, but in summary, users play trivia games and try to answer correctly. I will go over the topics a bit further down this post. While users answer questions correctly, advertisements will show up, and this is how the WFP is funded on this site. This is the "world’s largest humanitarian organization, saving lives in emergencies and building a better future for people driven into hunger by conflict and the impact of climate change" -UN.

Seeing the ads are represented by "grains of rice" which are collected as the user continues playing. You shouldn't worry about inappropriate ads, as the website is very strict about what types of partnerships they make in this initiative, but if you want a "hack" to hide ads from view, you can simply drag your browser screen so that the ad is cut off and continue playing. I made a short video on how to do that below.

When the user stops playing, they can see how many grains of rice they have accumulated. When I used this with my students, I would be able to pic subject-specific topics (science and geography at the time) and have students compete with each other over who could earn the most grains. Users can also create an account and save progress (must be 13 or older), but I found that unnecessary as a teacher, but creating an account also allows for groups to be formed and badges to be earned, which may be useful and fun for users!

What topics are in FreeRice Trivia?

The following topics are included for FreeRice Trivia

(note: these may be different depending on the time you read this post)

Can you change the difficulty of the trivia questions?

Yes, there are different "levels" to choose from once you have chosen a category/topic. If you go to the upper left corner where you see three lines, you can choose "levels" and change the difficulty. Not all categories have enough questions to differentiate and have multiple levels of difficulty, but you can explore what the options are based on your interest.

Is there an app?

Are family members fighting over the computer during this time of distance learning? No worries because there is an app available in the apple store and also google play.

I hope this sparked some interest if you are an educator reading this, or a parent who is really looking for educational and impactful activities to entertain your children during this time of "family closeness".

I personally recommend freerice.com because of its direct affiliation with the WFP and the UN Global Goals, BUT, if you know of similar websites, like bean bean bean, feel free to email hello@virescent.org so we can add them to this blog post!

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