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One Twitter Account to Achieve Agenda 2030!

Updated: May 11, 2020

If you’re like many in the world, you may NOT have heard much about the UN Global Goals in your daily life or see them advertised in the area where you live. At the time of this article, these goals were created 5 years ago, so what is going on around the world today? How can I make these goals relatable to me and my students? Luckily, the answer is… a lot!

If you have read this far and do not know what the UN Global Goals are or why educators should bring sustainability into the classroom, check out my previous blog posts on the subject and get caught up!

As far as current events go, there are MANY active initiatives that you can explore on the Global Goals’ website by checking out their “action” page and “news” page. Here you can see relevant events going on, all centered around Agenda 2030. I recommend this source for teachers who have their students do “current event” assignments with your students, this is a great place for them to look!

I have found that the easiest way to get a snapshot of everything going on with the Global Goals in ‘real-time’ is to check out their official twitter feed @GlobalGoalsUN. It is the twitter account that is trying to save the world! If you have a twitter account, I recommend following them and you can stay up-to-date as they are extremely active in their feed. There are many social media platforms, but for the global goals, twitter is the most active.

Here are some recommended twitter accounts and hashtags to check out events, initiatives, and action happening NOW.




@2030 Agenda




Now that the year is 2020, there is a push for "a decade of action", there isn't a better time to join in the excitement and enthusiasm to achieve these goals by 2030!

The resources I shared are just a fraction of what is out there, so don’t feel limited by them. If there is a resource or link that you find valuable and relevant, don’t hesitate to share about it in the comments below or message us on twitter @virescent_org!

Let’s continue exploring sustainability through the lens of the UN Global Goals :).

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