Turn your classroom into a world of exploration and positive change

The Need

Sustainability is a requirement in the curriculum worldwide and awareness of the UN Global Goals is growing.

The Problem

Sustainability resources are plentiful but lack the structure teachers need to execute quality lessons with confidence.

The Solution

Our professional development builds up educator confidence and provides structured resources for the classroom.

The Potential

This opportunity opens up doors for students and teachers to share progress and ideas with learners around the world.

We provide inspiring and innovative professional development workshops for educators on the UN Global Goals and impactful project-based learning. No prior knowledge needed!

Due to Covid-19, all in-person workshops are postponed until the Fall of 2020.

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Our Mission, Your Adventure

Turn your classroom into a world of exploration

Sustainability is a curriculum requirement country-wide, but teachers are often held responsible for learning about it and finding their own classroom activities to engage their students with the topic. 

The mission at Virescent Inspiration:

Empower teachers by providing structured resources and training on how to teach sustainability in an engaging way through the lens of the United Nations Global Goals.

"Success is not a destination, it's a journey"

- Zig Ziglar

We will be your guiding compass in this exciting journey through a 2-part workshop.


Part 1: Engage and Explore

You will be teamed up with other educators and will collaborate with one another, learn about the UN Global Goals, clarify misconceptions of our world today, and discuss sustainable life choices, all through our engaging gamification approach... Save Terra!

Part 2: Take A.C.T.I.O.N.

Learn tips and tricks on how to facilitate Save Terra in your own learning environment and dive into the A.C.T.I.O.N. method! This approach to exploring sustainability opens the door of opportunity for your students to apply their creativity and critical thinking skills. 


By the end of the workshop, you will walk away with a package of innovative, well-structured resources that you can apply to your classroom immediately, and the confidence to do so!

Teacher PD Workshops are flexible enough to accommodate a variety of needs, but it is recommended that one full day is dedicated to this experience.

Do you have any questions?

Fill out our contact form so we can reply to you with more information specific to your needs.

"I believe, in order to make a true exponential impact towards a better world, teachers are key.  They are at the forefront of enlightening future generations of the possibilities they have when they become citizens. Therefore, a true investment must be made to ensure all educators are provided support, resources, and encouragement throughout this journey."   


-Amanda Kramer, founder of Virescent Inspiration

"For a dream to inspire as many future citizens as possible and empower them to be problem-solvers for a better, more sustainable future...their future." 


-Amanda Kramer, Founder of Virescent Inspiration

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